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    Thank you for this! It had not yet occurred to,me to seek out the Text Studio - that’s how new I am. A very impressive app‼️
  2. BarnettArt

    Infrared Simulation

    Yes, just download and install the macro from Smadell, the apply to various images of interest, bearing in mind that every new layer created by running the macro can be adjusted to work best for each image and also to suit your taste. It’s fairly easy to end up spending hours on an image or two as you learn what every layer’s effect on the original is adding or taking from it.
  3. BarnettArt

    Infrared Simulation

    Now... don’t be catty!
  4. BarnettArt


    Hi! If you’ve got a 3rd party typeface that’s got that bad design (it’s called leading), the easiest and probably the most pleasing way to make it look right is to duplicate the first line, move it down where it looks right and edit the text of the duplicate, and so on. That approach to art text will maintain the text size/style/weight/color. This also allows for great control over where the 2nd - 3rd line(s) can begin left to right, making the layout potential of Art Text more fluid. It’s very unlikely you would run into this crashing problem with “box” type set to flush left, centered or flush right, so that’s another option, and the only solution for paragraphs of text. __________________ Now all I would love to know is how to adjust individual letter spacing for display type. That’s called kerning, where you can put the blinking cursor either between two characters (preferred) or to select two characters at one time to then add or subtract units of space (measured in 1/100 M - the width of a cap M in each typeface). Does anyone know know how to kern in Photo or is it possibly only available in Designer ? I don’t own that one yet.
  5. BarnettArt

    Infrared Simulation

    Thank you for answering so quickly with the link that I’d remembered (now saved) and also for the wonderful macro which does work in the iPad version and, with which I’m enjoying playing/adjusting to my heart’s content. So many layers! ______________________ ✍️ I have yet to find where it is that I can save my own macros, but given my early days with his app (already such a relief to get away from Adobe’s subscription model‼️) I hope to be more proficient before I start writing foolish ones.and leaving them all over the ring places. Thank you!
  6. I remember seeing a link to an outside tutorial for people without IR-converted cameras but ho’d like to suggest some of the color range, grain and “bloom” sen in IR film photography. It was quite comprehensive, but I made the mistake of forgetting to save the link to it. Now I’m unable to locate any discussion within the community - including some of my in posts and examples - when I pursue a basic search such as “infrared”. Perhaps i have finally blown too many neuronal pahs to function, so please, can anyone point my nose correctly? TIA

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