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  1. MousePods

    Invisible Lines

    Ah I have no idea how that happened. Thanks for pointing it out! Still weird how when I zoom in and out it disappears or is that normal? thanks!!
  2. MousePods

    Invisible Lines

    I don’t know how these got here but when I zoom in and out they show up. They also can be grabbed and moved with the lasso. Thanks! draw Copy.afdesign A5E007E8-62F8-4A8B-9C1A-BD11ECC5EC67.MP4
  3. MousePods

    Grid offset

    For some reason when I use 1 px for the grid it has issues in this file. Also when I go to choose my color and it is that grey I have an issue where I cannot paint until I change that color. I don’t know when it happens but occasionally when I switch to paint mode the color defaults to that color and I cannot paint until I change it Thanks! Spritesheet Copy.afdesign 05518B61-B624-485F-87A1-D7D5ADCA0AD7.MOV
  4. MousePods

    Grouping Glitch

    Thanks for the insight!
  5. Group these two items and the bounding box will expand past their original bounds. Thanks! Untitled.afdesign
  6. Here it is! 14A2A00C-656C-4C5B-9776-C156EE6E1D61.MP4
  7. Thanks! DDEED8F1-020F-4F63-9F37-6671C36EFF79.MP4 Spritesheet Copy.afdesign
  8. MousePods

    Text wrap exporting skewed

    Hi. I am trying to export text wrapped around a circle. When I select the object and click export the text is skewed. Am I doing this wrong or is this a bug? If this is a bug, is there a workaround? Thanks! Spritesheet Copy.afdesign RPReplay_Final1555032931.mp4
  9. MousePods

    Export without Background

    Thanks for looking! I went back into the file but for me the font is inside the bounding box (maybe because I am using a font you don’t have?). I am just confused why the layer that is turned off behind the font will still show up when exporting like I did in the video. Thanks!
  10. MousePods

    Export without Background

    The issue is even though the vector square is turned off in layers, it still exports visible when I export in this way. Thanks! Spritesheet Copy.afdesign 66105EE9-F146-4463-94CC-F4A297D2E538.MP4
  11. MousePods

    Exporting Curve on Spritesheet

    Sure! I also uploaded the output E0A46297-1615-4371-97AE-7F4E81439FF7.MP4
  12. MousePods

    Exporting Curve on Spritesheet

    If you export the selection as so, there will be a gap on top of the image. This only happens when I export with this curve at the top of the grid. select both objects get the dimensions from the panel (it will show wrong dimensions in the export window as previously mentioned in another post) click export with background unlock dimensions and add the correct ones in there will be a gap at the top of the image EDIT: It also won't work with a corner shape. Do you know when this would be fixed? I have a workaround for the arc shape but not this shape. Thanks! test.afdesign
  13. MousePods

    Export without Background issue

    I have a simple square with only the stroke. I have the stroke set to the inside. If I look at the dimensions it says 200x200. If I try to export it without background the dimensions will be higher. Is this normal and if so how do you export a square with a inside stroke at 200x200? Thanks! Untitled.afdesign
  14. That makes sense. Thank you so much for the explanation!