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  1. Hi, I previously posted this question in the support forum and it appears to be a bug. When I export this vector graphic to png, I get a white halo around it. This doesn’t happen with other vectors I export. Thanks! Untitled.afdesign
  2. MousePods

    White halo around png

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. (The block look is removing the AA as the second post suggests. My orginal issue is removing the white outline around my png) Should I repost this in the bug section of the forums then as removing the white outline around the edges of the png seems to be a bug?
  3. MousePods

    White halo around png

    Thank you for the reply! I don’t have that option on the iPad version or I just don’t see it. Is this a normal issue with exporting? Also, if there is no AA, you will get the block look in the center of the image where the white and black meet.
  4. Hi! I don’t know if this is a glitch or not so I am asking here. When I export this image, I get a white border around the edges. How do I remove this? Thanks! Untitled.afdesign
  5. With the new update, I cannot use my finger to drag or select any objects anymore. I have to turn off "Touch for gestures only" for it to work. Thanks!
  6. Unfortunately this issue still stands. Exporting a selection that is a stroke still has wrong export dimensions. Seems to be worse then before the update Thanks! Untitled.afdesign 49B1CBDE-C579-4869-B173-393623717EB9.MP4
  7. MousePods

    [By Design] Work Deleting Bug

    Okay thanks! I guess when it originally happened there was another bug because I had to go way back into history to get my drawing back. I wasn’t able to just go back one-two steps in history. I didn’t check it in a new document and I doubt I can reproduce it. Thanks for all the support!
  8. MousePods

    [By Design] Work Deleting Bug

    Oh okay! I thought it showed it sorry. Just make a pixel layer and vector shape and switch from stroke to fill. It fills the pixel layer deleting anything you have previously drawn Thanks!
  9. MousePods

    [By Design] Work Deleting Bug

    Yes Yes Yes i didn’t think I needed to provide these because I though the document/video shows it all, sorry. Thanks.
  10. Video Thanks! Sketch Pad Copy Copy.afdesign F87BE195-30AE-4120-818F-90D9930714C0.MP4
  11. MousePods

    Grid offset

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation!
  12. MousePods

    Grid offset

    Ah that is the issue, thanks! Here is a vid of the gray issue. When it seems like I am doing nothing I am drawing. (Forgot to turn on show touches) 090863D5-6EA4-4441-B130-80C8B14732E3.MP4
  13. MousePods

    Painting outside bounds

    Thanks for the tips!

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