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  1. With the new update, I cannot use my finger to drag or select any objects anymore. I have to turn off "Touch for gestures only" for it to work. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately this issue still stands. Exporting a selection that is a stroke still has wrong export dimensions. Seems to be worse then before the update Thanks! Untitled.afdesign 49B1CBDE-C579-4869-B173-393623717EB9.MP4
  3. MousePods

    [By Design] Work Deleting Bug

    Okay thanks! I guess when it originally happened there was another bug because I had to go way back into history to get my drawing back. I wasn’t able to just go back one-two steps in history. I didn’t check it in a new document and I doubt I can reproduce it. Thanks for all the support!
  4. MousePods

    [By Design] Work Deleting Bug

    Oh okay! I thought it showed it sorry. Just make a pixel layer and vector shape and switch from stroke to fill. It fills the pixel layer deleting anything you have previously drawn Thanks!
  5. MousePods

    [By Design] Work Deleting Bug

    Yes Yes Yes i didn’t think I needed to provide these because I though the document/video shows it all, sorry. Thanks.
  6. Video Thanks! Sketch Pad Copy Copy.afdesign F87BE195-30AE-4120-818F-90D9930714C0.MP4
  7. MousePods

    Grid offset

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation!
  8. MousePods

    Grid offset

    Ah that is the issue, thanks! Here is a vid of the gray issue. When it seems like I am doing nothing I am drawing. (Forgot to turn on show touches) 090863D5-6EA4-4441-B130-80C8B14732E3.MP4
  9. MousePods

    Painting outside bounds

    Thanks for the tips!
  10. Hi! I am hoping this isn't default behavior. If it is, is there a way around it? It messes with my workflow making me redo art constantly because I realize lines are outside the bounds. Thanks! 6B872E3F-796B-48CF-841A-9B675C06D15F.MP4
  11. MousePods

    Pixel Tool Protect Alpha

    Thanks for trying to get it added! Looking forward to see if the devs add it.
  12. https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Tools/tools_pixel.html?title=Pixel The docs say it is available but it is only available on the paintbrush tool. Where did this setting go for the pixel tool? Thanks
  13. MousePods

    [By Design] Invisible Lines

    Ah I have no idea how that happened. Thanks for pointing it out! Still weird how when I zoom in and out it disappears or is that normal? thanks!!
  14. I don’t know how these got here but when I zoom in and out they show up. They also can be grabbed and moved with the lasso. Thanks! draw Copy.afdesign A5E007E8-62F8-4A8B-9C1A-BD11ECC5EC67.MP4

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