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  1. Actualy, it is not function as I expect... (selection antialiasing) ... I had PS3 before i buy Affinity Photo, and I must say, is possible use it AP, but still it is not same quality as PS for everydaywork. Standard functions which you use EVERY DAY like are magic wand or laso are more complicated and it is nightmare to use them ...(OMG laso is like bad joke = why is not here trace-line some thin dotted line but huge blue line where is not possible to see what is behind???..and you want continue by selecting out of corner but picture is not moving automaticly if you stay by laso in
  2. Hello Mike, Yes, I know I was prepared my raw data (for my use) in past wrong way, but it was very easy use this documents for future editing..document size was minimal +3mm (or else) bigger and there was expandeded background and was super easy way possible only set with export proces real document size..(because it was bitmaps editors where normaly expanded background is not visible on the screen) .. Thank you for your help and have nice day. Regards, Jiri.
  3. Just for info (edited): 1) Bleed 0 = trim print marks are in the corners of document size (background out document size is not visible).. 2) Bleed number + (+3mm for example) = trim print marks are in far away 3mm from picture, but in same position which shows document size (background out document size is now visible).. 3) Bleed number - (-3mm for example) = trim print marks are in the corners original document size (background 3mm inside document is not visible).. In last sw I use was possible by Bleed setings control position of trim prints marks by (-) position, so wa
  4. Oh:( thank you for explain and help, but Im sad..because that means, that bleed settings here do different things then in Ps - that means all my old work which was prepared this way (all prints I have) I must in future repair by this way..(not just easy print what I was expect).. Btw, why minus (-) in Document setup >Bleed is not function? This could solve my problem;) ... Or, please, do you have any idea if is any way, how to set positions of crop print marks in PDF export? (which one could help me solve this problem with my old data compatibility).. Thank you, have
  5. Hello, here is my BusinessCard file...I have document size with +3mm every site, and bleed is set to 3mm - in exported PDF all crop print marks are not -3mm inside BusinessCard, but are situated in the corners of documet size (90mm+6mm and 55mm+6mm). They should be -3mm inside document size, in positions for 90x55mm document size. Thank you! Best regards, Jiri BusinessCard_with_3mm_bleed_90x55mm.pdf BusinessCard_with_3mm_bleed_90x55mm.afdesign
  6. Hello all, please I have problem with bleed, specialy print crop marks in export to PDF. I have document (business card) and size of document is bigger in every size by +3mm. For PDF export I need put into this document crop marks with bleed 3mm ( this crop marks go -3mm to the documet) and give me pure bussiness card size. If I set in >docoment setup "bleed" to 3mm, in export I have set "include bleed and include crop marks", after export pdf with this settings NOTHING HAPPEND = crop marks are always in maximum document size not -3mm inside document. (I try
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