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  1. Thanks! That would be great! It's not a worst case but a little bit annoying to save on the internal drive and then copy the document to the external HD. Yes, I'm using a Mac Mini M1 with Mac OS Ventura.
  2. Auf Deutsch: Ich kann in Affinity keine Dokumente mehr auf einer externen Festplatte Speicher. Wenn ich das Dokument aufrufe, verändere und dann speichern will, kommt folgende Fehlermeldung: »Fehler beim Speichern des Dokuments: Speichern ist fehlgeschlagen. Grund: Kein Zugriff mehr auf die Datei.« Ich kann dann nur noch das Dokument schließen. Die Änderungen sind weg. In English: It is not possible to save a document which is on an external hard drive. When I try to open the document, change it and then try to save it, there is a notification telling me that I cannot get access to the file. I have to close the document. Changes are all gone. What's wrong?
  3. I created a TOC in Publisher with two levels of headings included. If there are Headings on the same page (for example Heading 1 and two other headings), Publisher does not place them in the right order. There are headings which jump to another section. I will send an image to show what I mean. There are two issues of that kind in my TOC. Sorry for my bad English!
  4. I´m on El Capitan! Maybe higher versions of Mac OS X don´t have this problem
  5. I love Publisher! Great program! But I think there are some things, one could do, to make it even better. Sure, you´re working on that. 1. There must be the possibility to import indd or idml files. This is crucial. 2. What about the option to build a bibliography? Is this already possible? 3. I mentioned it in another place: Footnotes are very important. 4. It would be great having the opportunity to put the actual chapter of a book in the headline of a page automatically (maybe via text field). So I can allways see, in wich chapter I´m working or the reader is reading.
  6. Yes please! Give us footnotes! I think this is esssential for scientific products.
  7. Same here! I tried to place an jpg image file and Publisher crashes immediately. Same version 293.
  8. I love that program! But the file size is huge. Even if the images are just linked, but not embedded, the file will not get smaller. Is there a solution for this problem?
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