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  1. Thanx everybody for your help! And yes, the printshop requested the specific name CutColour Through Cut.
  2. I created a sticker. The printshop asked for an extra layer named Through Cut with an extra layer including curve with a spot colour (Pantone Proces Magenta U) wich I named CutContour Through Cut. U I saved the afdesign document and exported it to PDF for print (checked Honour Spot Colours). But unfortunately the PDF doesn't show the name CutContour Through Cut in Adobe so the printshop can't use the file. Why doesn't Affinity export the spotcolour-name to the PDF? Or am I doing something wrong? Sticker buiten gebruik.pdf Sticker buiten gebruik.afdesign
  3. Hi Sean, Thank you very much for all your research! I tried a bigger size and it worked as you said. If I notice anything strange with the transparancy-export again, I’ll let you know. Still a very happy Affinity-user! ;-)
  4. Here it is Sean. Maybe there’s something wrong with this image, although I made it from scratch in Designer. IMG_1162.MP4
  5. That’s strange Jean, beacause I’ve tried it again. Also on another iPad, but still no transparant background :-( I also tried a new file, but the problem occured there as wel. When I try it in Affinity Photo (iPad), also no transparant background in the png export. The image is made with a transparant background (see screenshot) and exported to png (see screenshot). I really don’t have a clue what goes wrong,......
  6. I think I know what’s the problem. The iPad doesn’t recognize png’s anymore. When I open the png in the Affinity-app, the backround is transparant. In all the other apps, who used to recognize png’s with transparant backgrounds (such as Photo’s and Werble) the transparant background is gone and replaced by a white background.....
  7. I can not export an image with a transparant background to png. The background in the png is not transparant, but white. It occurs on the newest version of Photo and Designer on the iPad (both version 1.7.3 on iOs13). In previous versions of both the apps this was never an issue.
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