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  1. This is a truly fantastic resource!!! Thanks for all your efforts.
  2. @DM1, Wow! What an amazing resource. Thanks again for the assistance. I’m looking forward to diving into the section on Artboards. I have a feeling that will be a major game changer in managing my work flow. You’re my latest hero!!!!
  3. Oh, my my! That worked like a charm! Thanks so much for helping.
  4. Thanks, Dan, for the welcome and your response. This only happens with some objects/assets. This example is of a placed image that was shifted into its proper position on the document, which leaves the box off page instead of bringing it to the edge of the document, . I have tried various methods to get around this issue to no avail. It could be an operator error or an action that I’m unfamiliar with... Thanks for taking the time to look at it. Just let me know if you have any troubles with the uploaded file. I truly appreciate you. Untitled_1.afdesign
  5. I truly hope this is the appropriate space for this type of question coming from a semi-newbie. My question is how to remove the excess empty space around an asset so that the bounding box handles stay fully on the page once place onto the working space. I’ve attached a sample photo and would appreciate any assistance or direction to a helpful resource. Thank you so very much.
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