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    makspyat got a reaction from Friksel in Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?   
    Ooops - this works!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much - I use these masks all the time. It is insanely helpful!
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    makspyat got a reaction from uncoy in Color problem with Nik Collection plugins   
    I have a conspiracy theory:
    Adobe got a patent for plugins that work, preserve the colors and could store their state in smart object layers that may be retouched multiple times.
    Serif worked around the patent: they also allow plugins, but those plugins don't actually work - the whole thing is just messed up. Problem solved!
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    makspyat reacted to Gnobelix in Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?   
    Hello @makspyat,
    Try the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT and left mouse click on the thumbnail.
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    makspyat got a reaction from laurentia in Color problem with Nik Collection plugins   
    I hope that Serif will fix integration with plugins and I hope that they will implement Live plugin filters. I can't see myself having to restart adjustments in a plugin every time from scratch. Photoshop does it really well with smart objects.
    On a aside note I want to say that I am very impressed with Affinity Photo and I completely get how much work it takes.
    I believe in AP and I want someone to bring healthy competition to the imaging, therefore I canceled my Adobe CC subscription and went with AP license.