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  1. Got Problems with the field panel: I'm just delving deeper into the world of Publisher (V - absolut exiting! I have just watched the video tutorial "Page layout". Unfortunately, I am not able to insert even a single field into a text frame via the field panel by double-clicking, as explained in the video as well as in the online help. The cursor is placed in the text frame (master document) the style palette "Fields" is open, but e.g. the fields "Name" or "Page number" are not clickable with the mouse. When I use the Text/Insert/PageCount commands it works but no hashtag is displayed in the master document, but " Nr.". Curly braces are not shown either. I work with a German version on Win 7. In the screenshot you can clearly see that also the instruction appears grey in the palette. What can I have overlooked? Thanks for help
  2. @Alfred: Lol. It will probably take a little while until I understand the jargon here in the blog. Thanks for the first entries in my Affinity Glossary. @Walt: Too bad, sometimes it is helpful if you can make the control characters visible. I will deal more with APub ;-). Thanks for the hints. This saves me unnecessary searching. Peachy
  3. Thanks a lot, I was afraid of that. By the way, what does "APub" mean?
  4. Is there a possibility to make hidden characters visible in Affinty Design text processing, such as paragraph marks, tab stops, spaces, etc.?