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  1. Resource Manager is in Document menu of Affinity Publisher. May I add here that working with the whole Affinity suite - and being able to 'switch personas' while working on a document is a joy. You can work with Photo's tools, or Designer's tools and then Publishers's tools all on the same document with the click of a mouse. But you need to have all three, and use Publisher as the "hub". Well worth the investment even of most of your work is in either Photo or Designer.
  2. Still investigating, but it seems - from the helpful answers above - that the only files copied to the new designated location are ones which are no longer in the location they were originally imported from. If that's so, then the only way to create a complete library of linked files would be to move the Affinity Publisher document to where the original links were not available. Too cumbersome, so I guess I'll have to be satisfied with keeping big, fat Publisher files if I want to archive them and have them portable. Storage keeps getting cheaper, so why worry!
  3. In an effort to trim the size of my Publisher file and make a "pseudo package" of my project, I selected all my embedded items in Resource Manager, clicked the Make Linked button, nominated a destination folder for links when asked BUT found that while all files were then marked as linked in the Resource Manager, not all my files were copied into the nominated links destination. Why not? AND what determines which are copied and which are not. AND is there any way to make ALL embedded files copy to the nominated links destination?