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  1. Konstantinos

    Mouse support and shortcuts

    Please add mouse support :) seriously would be enormous added value for us
  2. Konstantinos

    Mouse support and shortcuts

    @AffinityPlease support the mouse !!! I
  3. Can I use Affinity publisher with the same file as affinity Designer so to setup my grid in there and Designer see it ?
  4. Thank you Mark I am really struggling for that .. i use it in web site designing ...
  5. especially now that the new way to set up a grid system in Affinity Designer is .... let’s say .... under construction. Because after the 1.7 I can not set up a proper grid ... baseline was a great alternative to that for me..
  6. can you help me on setting up a horizontal only grid then in affiniy designer please?
  7. @Patrick thank you for your honest answer ... may I know the reason for that? I have all the versions of affinity in osx and ipad and I am a beta tester of publisher and thinking of buying ... but I am tvery sorry if you remove a feature for marketing reasons only ...
  8. In 1.7 I could use this feature to place better algned opjects with text. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me but it is not the same thing ... Do you know any way to revert to previous version? I really am sorry I updated ...
  9. Yes I mean this but in hte previous version yoyu could preview it !!!
  10. Hello all the title is self explanatory .... can anyone help me on that issue?? Kind regards !
  11. hello all i have a question. I use also procreate and clip studio have done some nice jobs in affinity the problem with designer is that i have difficulties with pencils in draw persona and inking ... I have paid brushes like frankentooon and i also have the free DAUB pack but i am not satisfied ... any suggestions for serious HB and mechanical pencils ? I want to imitate the reslt of clip paint or procreate kindest regards to all
  12. I really can not understand affinty !! its clipping mask everytime I want to do a clipping mask I end up in the forums ..... It just does not work !!
  13. Konstantinos

    How to add links?

    I am not buying affinity only because is cheaper I am buying becose a larger part of its Ui makes sense (except that masks but that’s another issue) i have bought the apps both in my Mac, and my iPad. I now need to insert a hyperlink (in 2019) and I have to download adobe software ???? What for?? For adding a hyperlink??????
  14. Konstantinos

    How to add links?

    I really think you should add the option to add a url ... i mean really its 2019 you want us to use another app for such a simple future?
  15. Konstantinos

    Clipping Mask

    keep in mind i have boudht affinity phot and desgner on both mac and ipad

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