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  1. hello all i have a question. I use also procreate and clip studio have done some nice jobs in affinity the problem with designer is that i have difficulties with pencils in draw persona and inking ... I have paid brushes like frankentooon and i also have the free DAUB pack but i am not satisfied ... any suggestions for serious HB and mechanical pencils ? I want to imitate the reslt of clip paint or procreate kindest regards to all
  2. I really can not understand affinty !! its clipping mask everytime I want to do a clipping mask I end up in the forums ..... It just does not work !!
  3. Konstantinos

    How to add links?

    I am not buying affinity only because is cheaper I am buying becose a larger part of its Ui makes sense (except that masks but that’s another issue) i have bought the apps both in my Mac, and my iPad. I now need to insert a hyperlink (in 2019) and I have to download adobe software ???? What for?? For adding a hyperlink??????
  4. Konstantinos

    How to add links?

    I really think you should add the option to add a url ... i mean really its 2019 you want us to use another app for such a simple future?
  5. Konstantinos

    Clipping Mask

    keep in mind i have boudht affinity phot and desgner on both mac and ipad
  6. I really can not understand who had this User Experience Idea with clipping masks in your software! I just cannot understand how to make a clipping mask mask to below just does not work as it should For me is a reason to stop using Affinity and go back to photoshop! Can i have a small tutorial on hjow to create a mask on top of another layer???