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  1. Replacing images dragging files directly from OS (Finder MacOS) it works as intended when image property is set to (S Max fit / S Min fit / Stretch fit) but it won't work when set to "manual scale-position-rotation" resetting the image to a 100%-100% Scale, 0degree rotation and centring the image to the image-frame. see video below: placing_images.mp4
  2. Hello Patrick, I have tested beta as suggested and for the most part, it solved the problem: - replacing images using "Replace Image" button (on toolbar) it works as intended when image is set to any of the image property (S Max fit / S Min fit / Stretch fit / manual scale-position-rotation ) 👍🏻 - replacing images using "Resource Manager..." window it works as intended when image is set to any of the image property (S Max fit / S Min fit / Stretch fit / manual scale-position-rotation) 👍🏻 - replacing images dragging directly from OS (Finder MacOS) it works as intended when i
  3. Hi all, Briefly tested Publisher again after updating to 1.9.1 but unfortunately all the above stated issues seam to be exact as they were before. any luck, anyone? cheers F
  4. As Thomaso, I’m experiencing some odd behaviours as you can see from the video (link below) I have the same problem in replacing an image with custom scale/position. Once the image is replaced it sets back to 100%scale and centred (I always had this problem even before version 1.9) Also If replacing the image from the Resource Manager it will remove all the images but the last one, and the one that gets updated changes settings to “Stretch and Fit”. Very odd indeed and clearly a bug. ps: the images that I used as sample have the exact same px-size (2 varian
  5. Hello, I have the exact same problem, for any cropped image in a picture frame if replaced it will scale and position back to the default (even if you import back the exact same file). As you can see from my screenshot I place an image in a picture frame (for both pages on left-hand side) then scaled and cropped (both pages middle image) then I duplicated it and replaced the content (using Replace image button) but unfortunately the newly replaced image will set back to the default scale/crop. This is a very essential for my workflow (and I believe basic functionality), I'm not sure
  6. Yes please, this is an important feature in my workflow, any kind of distortion, from basic to a non destructive/envelope like distortion would be appreciated. keep it up with the good work guys...
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