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  1. So here is a trace of Gwenpool that I did in order to familiarize myself with tools and such. But I ran into a major stumbling block with her hair. I can't find any way to color in such a shape. The group labeled "front hair" is the problem. The only way I could fill it was to vectorize a copy of the lines, and then use the fill tool. But that left jaggies all over and I had to turn it out of focus. Plus I'm sure that will cause other problems down the line. How can I fill "Front hair" without vectorizing? The "Back hair" layer is something like what I want, but the screwy use of line widths is very slow and problematic. I want to draw a web comic, so I need to be able to draw figures quickly. Gwenpool test.afdesign
  2. Thank you! Now how can I eliminate the pixel layer? What I really want is a vector version of that. (Notice how the colors bleed out of the tips of her hair at the bottom? Compare that to the back hair layer.)
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    Shantae Fan Art

    Wow nice! How are you filling in complex linework?
  4. Tau Myx

    Vector paint bucket

    Did this ever happen? I'm looking for a vector paint bucket now. I'm trying to fill in a characters hair, and it is made of dozens of variable-width lines.
  5. How can I import graphics from Flash/animate? If I use drag and drop, they come out as bitmaps. If I save as illustrator, Designer only sees a blank object.
  6. Is there anyone who originates figure drawings in Designer? (As opposed to dracing pencil drawings?) That is what I'm ultimately trying to do.
  7. Hello. I made a YouTube video about my ongoing frustrations with eliminating my need to use Adobe Flash. I'm afraid that Designer ended up taking center stage because, well, I own it and spent the most time trying to draw in it. (Note, this is about drawing tools, not animation.)
  8. As far as I have seen, most designer art originates as pencil drawings. So you scan in and trace.
  9. Hi everyone! I've been using Affinity Designer for about a week now. Is there a way to select and change just one line in a shape? For example, could I make a polygon where one of the line segments is a different color or thickness then the others? I know how to make a continuous change throughout the whole perimeter using stroke pressure or gradients, but that doesn't align with points at all. Also, can you bend the unclosed "line" of an open shape? Or does it have to be straight?