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  1. thanks Patrick, after 3 years using the 1.6.11 iteration I'm just getting used to it. Is the 1.9 interface basically the same or are there significant changes to the user experience? Thoughts?
  2. I currently am using Mac OS 10.10 and Affinity 1.6. I have not updated my Mac OS due to the loss of functionality of applications I currently have such as MS Office if I update my Mac OS. If I did I would have to 'repurchase' my existing software which is an expensive proposition. So I need to be sure the Affinity 1.9 update doesn't require a later Mac OS than 10.10 I have Publisher and Designer also and are fine products from Affinity. thanks! Jan
  3. if you're using a mac.. left click on the image showing in PM.. it should open a dialogue box. Like this. Select the application you want to use for the image and it loads. I have CS5 and Affinity. Both open from PM. Cheers!
  4. Hi First Defense, Stokeyh and mikerofoto, thanks for the feedback it's appreciated. FWIW initially I was a Light Room user along with PhotoShop. With my recent 'conversion' to a new enlightened path for photo management and editing I began with Camera bits. Initially I wasn't sure about this app but after a year I believe it's excellent and has been fast and accurate in all functions I require. Although I was initially reluctant I now I recommend it. Similarly I have been slowly moving over to Affinity from Photoshop and I'm now near the "tipping point". I've got Affinity set up as the default editor when using Camerabits/Photomechanic. It's very smooth between the two as long as I use other formats like jpg, png, tiff etc. for saving the file. However this means I have two files for each image a jpg and afphoto. I'd like to eliminate the intermediate step. I'll drop a note to Kirk Baker at photomechanic and let him know how I'm using Affinity. Frankly there's been a lot of discussion on various forums regarding opting out of Adobe and Affinity is one solution I recommend.
  5. I have been to the Camerabits/Photomechanic forum and it appears as a user of that application the Affinity photofiles; afphoto cannot be read by Photomechanic which is a photo management application. Is there any update that permits me to review files stored as afphoto using Photomechanic? thanks all! Jan N
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