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  1. That's a nice workaround, Carl123 and I can relate to your concern about your be...coffee, haha. However you have to select the point prior to press the stylus button to delet it or you'll end up deleting the whole path/form. I can be being a little picky here, but the purpose is to have as few steps in each action.
  2. Hi, I have a suggestion: CTRL + ALT + LEFT CLICK to remove a point on a curve. (it works like that in Inkscape). I think it would improve the workflow, as you wouldn't have to reach out to the delete key on the keyboard when you are using a stylus.
  3. Wow, I feel really silly right now for having not tried that before. Anyways, that's good to know, thanks!
  4. Hi Gabriel, Thanks for your reply; I'm aware of the option "select object when intersects with selection marquee" in the preferences, which provokes the object to be immediately selected by the selection marque touch, even if it's not fully encompassed. My point is that objects that are above others cannot be selected without selecting the object bellow if you use the marquee select; to prevent this scenario, you would have to use a "pick select" strategy, clicking in each object...... or start the marquee select on an empty area....which can be time consuming. In the example
  5. In Affinity DESIGNER, when marquee selecting an object that is above another, inevitably the object behind gets select too by the "touch" of the pointer. In INKSCAPE, whenever you presss SHIF and start a marquee, the "touch" of the pointer is not take in account and only what is surrounded by the marquee area gets selected. That simplifies the process of selecting objects when you're in a great zoom level so you don't need to zoom out to start the marquee in an empty area or click on each object separately.
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