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  1. 11 minutes ago, MikeW said:

    The printing company is smoking crack if they expect 300dpi. If the design is output at 100% size, they are going to print at a maximum of 150 dpi. And, using the Photoshop format, only the .psb format can contain a file that large at 300dpi. And it would need to be printed direct to their RIP which take a lot of time to process. That, printing direct using the .psb format, is doable with the right equipment, but I doubt they would actually do it as the RIP will do a great job with a smaller dpi (i.e., fewer pixels) anyway.

    These days, PDFs are generally used at a scale such as 50% of print size. In the case of say a desired output of 150dpi at full scale, one would then use a document of 300dpi, which once the pdf is doubled in size to 100% would make the images/bitmap effects to be 150dpi.

    Thanks very much for the info. :9_innocent:

  2. 5 hours ago, GabrielM said:

    It works fine on my end. Have you tried to close the app and try again?

    When that happens, can you can you undo using the 2-finger-tap or by moving the history slider? 

    It works again after closing the app. But the problem comes back after working awhile again. When that happeens, I couldn’t use the 2-finger-tap or by moving the history slider either. 

  3. How do I know if the file is saved with history? I just save the file to iCloud, then attach it here. Anyway, when that happened, I couldn't use 2-finger tap or history slider either. As mentioned earlier, it happened to all other files that I'm working on, too. The problem was  solved only if I close and re-open the file.

  4. Hi, I’ve experienced the following problem. The object in the pic (the church) still shown after the mask layer being applied. I’m trying to erase the bottom of the church using mask layer. Usually it can be done without any problems in RGB mode. But in CMYK mode (both Affinity Photo & Designer), I’ve got this problem. Is it a bug? Or anything to do with RGB / CMYK color mode? Thanks.