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  1. Thanks very much for the info.
  2. Hopefully it will work well with Photoshop. The 300DPI is requested by the printing company. Thanks very much for your help again.
  3. It works, finally. Thank you so much. Just one last question, is it true that Photoshop will rasterise or decrease the quality of all the vector lines/shapes?
  4. I've tried to change it to 150DPI. Still no luck, got this error message "Warning! The PSD format supports images with a maximum dimension of 30,000 pixels. Your document is too large to export". Thanks.
  5. Hi @MEB, I need to export my work to PSD and send it to a printing company. Unfortunately, the canvas size is too big (6000x2440mm, 300DPI) and failed. Should I resize it to a smaller canvas size? According to the printing company, they will open the PSD file in Photoshop and print it. What is the proper way/settings for export, please? Thanks, Axel
  6. Hi, My history studio is not working at all. Any suggestions, please? It’s latest version on iPad Pro 11”. I’ve got this problem quite often. Thanks. D3E8F797-DE29-4949-A7BB-4CE24C6E843B.MOV
  7. Axel TT

    AP for iPad: History not working

    I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall, still no luck. Just hope the next update will fix this issue. Thanks again.
  8. Axel TT

    AP for iPad: History not working

    It’s quite a general issue, I guess, because this happened to all other of my documents. So, when it happens, I just close and re-open the app. That’s the only fix for now.
  9. Axel TT

    AP for iPad: History not working

    It works again after closing the app. But the problem comes back after working awhile again. When that happeens, I couldn’t use the 2-finger-tap or by moving the history slider either.
  10. Hi, I’ve got both Affinity Photo & Designer on iPad Pro 11” (iOS 12.1), running latest apps version. They keep crashing randomly, especially Affinity Photo app as I’m using it quite often. For Designer app, it crashed when exporting the file using “share -> Save Image”. Please advise. Thanks.
  11. Axel TT

    AP for iPad: History not working

    Hi MEB, Just re-attached the new file as instructed. Thanks. Test_NEW.afphoto
  12. Axel TT

    AP for iPad: History not working

    How do I know if the file is saved with history? I just save the file to iCloud, then attach it here. Anyway, when that happened, I couldn't use 2-finger tap or history slider either. As mentioned earlier, it happened to all other files that I'm working on, too. The problem was solved only if I close and re-open the file.
  13. Axel TT

    AP for iPad: History not working

    Hi Gabe, Here's the file. I just close and re-open the file, then it's working again. This happened to all other files, too, and quite often. Thanks. Test.afphoto
  14. Hi MEB, Thanks for the solution. That fixed the problem. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Gabe, The attached video is from Designer app. The “save image” export failed/crashed. In the Photo app, for instance, the undo button sometimes wasn’t working, I had to use the History Studio. Zooming in/out sometimes freezed. Thanks, Axel. E48039B8-23A0-4CCA-A09C-8D3A84582F33.MOV
  16. Hi, I’ve experienced the following problem. The object in the pic (the church) still shown after the mask layer being applied. I’m trying to erase the bottom of the church using mask layer. Usually it can be done without any problems in RGB mode. But in CMYK mode (both Affinity Photo & Designer), I’ve got this problem. Is it a bug? Or anything to do with RGB / CMYK color mode? Thanks. F7745F5D-79D5-4974-9A1F-9644D0ACE233.MOV AA0B60B4-7393-46E9-B1AB-B45F8C430AA2.MOV
  17. Thanks very much for your help, Gabe. It works perfectly now.

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