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  1. Hi MEB, Thanks for the solution. That fixed the problem. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Gabe, The attached video is from Designer app. The “save image” export failed/crashed. In the Photo app, for instance, the undo button sometimes wasn’t working, I had to use the History Studio. Zooming in/out sometimes freezed. Thanks, Axel. E48039B8-23A0-4CCA-A09C-8D3A84582F33.MOV
  3. Hi, I’ve got both Affinity Photo & Designer on iPad Pro 11” (iOS 12.1), running latest apps version. They keep crashing randomly, especially Affinity Photo app as I’m using it quite often. For Designer app, it crashed when exporting the file using “share -> Save Image”. Please advise. Thanks.
  4. Thanks very much for your help, Gabe. It works perfectly now.
  5. Hi, I’ve experienced the following problem. The object in the pic (the church) still shown after the mask layer being applied. I’m trying to erase the bottom of the church using mask layer. Usually it can be done without any problems in RGB mode. But in CMYK mode (both Affinity Photo & Designer), I’ve got this problem. Is it a bug? Or anything to do with RGB / CMYK color mode? Thanks. F7745F5D-79D5-4974-9A1F-9644D0ACE233.MOV AA0B60B4-7393-46E9-B1AB-B45F8C430AA2.MOV