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  1. Hi, guys am designing a logo for a friend and I want to make one section " THE EFFICIENT FEW" to lay flat in the red rectangle afdesign file. I want it lay down like the "Top dwag ent" few logo.afdesign
  2. Hello guys , does anyone here have the techniques on how to make a digital painting please ?
  3. Good day guys, i want to know how to create pattern in boxers or T-shirts
  4. Goldblacc


    Thank you very much , i'll get to it Asap
  5. Goldblacc


    This is the .afdesign file bags de amor.afdesign
  6. Goldblacc


    Thank you Dan C this is a png logo of what i'm working on . BAG'S DE AMOR is the logo name i'm trying to create and i was thinking of adding for types of bags into the Heart symbol
  7. Hey guys , i have a logo that i'm creating with Affinity Designer but i'm having some challenges with how i'll position the text logo name "Bag's De Amor" . If there is any professional designer who can assist or give me some tips on how i can get a good finished logo that will help. I kinda run out of ideas . Pls help a Brother!!
  8. This is the end result i would love to produce . this is a screenshot i snapped on youtube .
  9. Sorry guy but i need some tips on how to create a cartoon character. If any of you know how to please help me out with some tutorials . i was checking on YouTube but i'm not getting any tutorials for affinity . Thank you .
  10. how can i save a transparent image in affinity design. I don't want to save the image with the background color?
  11. How can i set a color background using Affinity Design.