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  1. Yes! Found the folder. It was somehow turn-off! Problems solved! Thank you!
  2. Hi I have trouble saving a copy of my affinity designer file (.afdesign) into Dropbox as the Dropbox icon has disappeared overnight. I was able to do it before but this morning, the icon doesn't show. I can export share into Dropbox though but as a jpeg, pdf, tiff etc. Anybody encountered this problem? Any solutions? Thanks in advance.
  3. What is Files app? Is that a separate app I can download free from App Store? I found a few with the name but not sure which is the one you are referring to. Please help!
  4. Hi I drew some graphics on one document. I copy the graphics to paste onto a SEPARATE document but the application closed by itself, not allowing me to paste. 1. I’ve restarted the application 2. I’ve restarted the iPad Both still causing the same problems over and over again. Any ideas to resolve this? thanks in advance
  5. Hi DM1 yes. I’ve tried a couple of times and you are right, symbols are causing the problem. Thanks
  6. Ahhhh! Thank you, Alfred. Will do that.
  7. Hi Warren i’m having the same problem when I copy and paste to a separate document. App crashed. hope someone has an answer