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  1. Restarted my ipad today and Yeah!! I noticed it has been fixed! Thanks guys!
  2. Sorry to tag on. I have the same problem. This only happened recently. Fonts are not in alphabetical order as before.
  3. Hi DM1 ok it finally worked after logging out and logging in a couple of times and quitting all apps. Thank you! However...next Q. Exporting to Dropbox or Google Drive doesn’t work on Export Persona. Has it always been this way?
  4. Hi DM1 yes. I can access Dropbox & Google Drive via Files app. btw, what do you mean by “religion to Dropbox”? TIA
  5. I’m having a problem where the Dropbox & Google Drive icons are muted, can’t click on it to save my files into. I’ve tried turning on and off. Still not working. What gives?
  6. Hi Sean I can't even save it on the Home screen. It's there. I can see it but there's nothing i can do with it except to delete it... It's being a naughty file. Won't allow me to do anything with it
  7. AD Version 1.7.3 I was resizing the document from 150dpi to 300dpi when the app crashed. Subsequently, I can no longer open the file. File was not automatically saved, hence I lost a couple of work done. Duplicated the file and try to open - still crash. Duplicated the file. Save on cloud. Open on desktop version. Changes made to file is gone
  8. Hi i’m still getting around using Affinity Photo. Trying to copy vector graphics from Designer and paste into Photo. Is this doable? TIA
  9. "The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity." Hi. I am having this problem when I opened a file (.afdesign) on my laptop (MacOS) which was created on my iPad, saved on cloud. I have never had this problem before. Isn't files created on iPad and open on laptop/desktop supposed to be seamless?
  10. Yes! Found the folder. It was somehow turn-off! Problems solved! Thank you!
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