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  1. Thank you I will do that
  2. Thanks Alfred I’ve done that! I really don’t know what to do next over the last few days I saved all my work, deleted and reinstalled the App then tried different ways to try and complete my artwork but it is no good. The App just keeps crashing and I can’t finish my extremely important work and it is beyond frustrating. If this can’t be fixed in the next few days I’ll have to purchase a more reliable App that will let me do what I need. This App has amazing potential but it’s crashing.
  3. Hi Alfred, I tried to duplicate the image but the same result it crashed.
  4. No. I’m copy and pasting my own vector drawings that have been made in the same app.
  5. Hello I have been using Affinity Designer on an iPad Pro (12.9 2018) since November 2018 but at the start of February the app keeps crashing every time I copy and paste items. Is there anything that I can do to stop this happening? Many thanks Warren