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  1. Hello, What happened to the feature on Ipad that color picker appears when I press the pen 2sec on the screen? It was really useful in my workflow for blending colours... How can I pick/blend colors in the easiest and most efficient way now? Thanks, N.
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    Color picker shortcut?

    Hi, thanks for the reply! Actually I was trying Affinity on iPad in the store (like a month ago) before I bought it, and then the picker was appearing instead this useless copy/paste menu I see now Must be some upadate I guess... Made me extremely sad, and I probably wouldn't buy it, if I only knew about this change, cause now it feels much less intuitive and so hard to use when I have to choose it from the toolbar... It's very important tool for me as I paint by blending colors and picking them all the time... Ugh. You say Autodesk Sketchbook works this way?