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  1. Hello again Walt! Ok, I copied the missing file. Still no breaking words, looks like it displays properly but not working I should've done it in Publisher, but I started this project before the launch, and I thought I could somehow use the breaking words function in Designer. Providing the screenshot Thank U
  2. Thanks! I have Polish in "Spelling" now, but still no changes in "Hyphenation language" list. What am I still missing? Also now I have everything red-lined... And breaking words still not working
  3. Hi guys Thanks for your help! I've created a subfolder "pl_PL" and put there these two files with .aff and .dic extensions downloaded from github Then restart. Unfortunately didn't work for me There is no Polish language on the list. I didn't quite understood it and skipped it - is it the reason why it's not working? Attaching my changed path
  4. Hello, I'm wondering if there's a chance to automatically break words in Affinity Designer? I think I did it some time ago by accident, and can't return to that... The hyphenation function is not working as my language [Polish] is Unknown Is there any way to do it in Designer? Any help would be highly appreciated! Thank U!
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply! Actually I was trying Affinity on iPad in the store (like a month ago) before I bought it, and then the picker was appearing instead this useless copy/paste menu I see now Must be some upadate I guess... Made me extremely sad, and I probably wouldn't buy it, if I only knew about this change, cause now it feels much less intuitive and so hard to use when I have to choose it from the toolbar... It's very important tool for me as I paint by blending colors and picking them all the time... Ugh. You say Autodesk Sketchbook works this way?
  6. Hello, What happened to the feature on Ipad that color picker appears when I press the pen 2sec on the screen? It was really useful in my workflow for blending colours... How can I pick/blend colors in the easiest and most efficient way now? Thanks, N.
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