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  1. Hello, Has anyone tried running Affinity in a virtual environment like Virtual Box or VMWare. I ran my old Apple on Lion 10.7 on Ubuntu once to see how it would go, but not enough memeory. You need at least 8GB preferably 16GB would be better. I don't have High Sierra so can not try. I have heard that people have had OSX High Sierra running on Linux using virtual running Xcode (Hackintosh) which so I understand is a clone of High Sierra, without the problems. Any one used this out there yet? https://www.pcsteps.com/2157-mac-os-x-virtual-machine-vmware-player/ I am extremely busy at the moment and absolutely no time to experiment, but I would be interested if anybody wants to try and has problems, I can help with tech. Thank you, Skyhigh
  2. Hello PaintedTiger, If you can not load 206 after trying to load 227, you have something stopping the load. 227 will load, however as I had to, you may have to go line for line as I did and remove any sign of any and all remains. This will take sometime to do. I had also Designer and Photo on there too, where both were loaded and worked with successfully. I had to clear out and reload because I cleaned out everything and anything, at which I first reloaded Publisher 227, got that working, up loaded to a higher resolution, where at that time checked that it worked. After confirmation of 227 working, I did a reboot twice, where the first time the first one was only a restart (this does not give the capacitors enough time to totally clear which can hold memory in RAM)...this event did not load 227 (which I knew previous to work before the restart)... so I shutdown and went and got a drink and returned about a minute later, whereas I rebooted from “cold” boot, and 227 booted first time. At this I reloaded Designer and Photo once again and now all three work. I believe that the problem is within either in your registry, a file stopping the load from another app (however if you previously loaded 206 and have not loaded any new apps since, that this is unlikely) and the other thing that I tried too was to view the workings of the virus program firewall. These are the only things I see as possibly stopping your ability to be able to load 227. I hope this will be some help to you. Skyhigh
  3. Hello, I finally after a week of trying to figure it out got 227 to work. It has been as follows; 1) You must clear of all reminder for old Beta files, which includes all registry files as well. You can't have any remainder of any 206 or it will not work!!! 2) Reset your graphics back to VGA. 3) Load 227 4) If successful load (took me two tries)... reboot the computer to a cold boot shut down to clear all memory. 5) Reboot, open 227.. walla.. it works.. but screen needs adjusted. 6) Adjust screen resolution to Full HD 1920x1280... 7... your up and running. I am using a HP notebook at home. I believe the problem has to do with the HP and its graphics. Hence why would it only work when loaded with VGA. I had previously had graphics problems with other software, but what through me was that 206 was working fine with no load problems. However when I wanted to load up 227 it would not load. Hence the resolve above. Thank you all for your efforts and suggestions. Skyhigh
  4. Hello, Guys I still can nit after many times load 227. Why???? I don't know. Tried everything. Just keeps coming on system failure. However, 206 was working fine before this and I had no problems with is workings or usage. No it seams that since I tried to load 227 that 206 will not work either. I tried reloading both, but to no avail. Short of unloading both and scraping both and trying to download another copy of 227 (which was confirmed OK).. I have no idea what to do.
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    installation issues

    Hello, I seems to me that you have problem here, as I see now that I am not the only person here describing the same problem in Win10/64 Thank you.
  6. Hello, I just tried to install (4 times) 227 and it keeps failing with the same message each time. Now.. also my 206 will not start either which I am trying to do some work on. It was running great until I tried to install 227. Running Win10/64 16GB 1TB-SSD Thank you, Skyhigh