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  1. Thank you - What an easy fix. And if Photo does this, I know now the target place too.... Thanks again.
  2. Hi first time posting here. Running Designer on Windows 10. I can only close Designer via Taskmanager. I did delete my one created Asset folder by error, but not a problem at all as I exported it right after creation. I now have only the IOS-10 in the assets. (is this all when Designer is new and fresh?) Attached you see the message I get when I try to close via Menu-Exit or the X on the top right side. However, I have nothing else clicked to open and even if I wait for more than 1 hour nothing has changed. Even when I open Designer and closing it after some minutes without having opened a document this what I get. I de-installed the program - restarted Desktop - installed new but still the same closing error. Any idea what else I can do? thanks for any help.
  3. hey @z3thon until a mail merge function is implemented in one of the AD or AP, Corel Draw is doing a fantastic mail merging. Also AI with the free available action "Variable Data Importer" is doing great. I find Corel Draw a bit more comfortable but my x6 version is not doing great to export multiple pages as single files when I want it as a png with no background. But x7 x8 and 2018 are doing better. On the other hand, AI is doing this exporting stuff really good as long as you follow the instructions of John Garrett presenting the Variable Data Importer.