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    LeoC got a reaction from fde101 in Gradient not visible in Publisher   
    Today I got the update 257, now it's working
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    LeoC got a reaction from Gnobelix in Crop Tool - Remember Crop Ratio or Favourite Crop Ratio   
    Hallo Gnobelx,
    Das wirkt nicht auf Mac, nicht im 1.6 und auch nicht im 1.7 Beta. 
    You can easily change units in 1.6 by using  you get the information of the picture and a field to choose the units to like to work in

    In AF Beta 1.7 you have a good working crop tool which gives you the option to set dimensions and dpi. It works exactly the same as in PS, but no option to create preset 
    Just waiting for a good preset option and the workflow will be as fast as PS. That's the only issue I really have with AP it takes really more time to handle a bunch of photo's because you have to resize each photo before you crop the image in the right dimension