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  1. Today I got the update 257, now it's working
  2. I have made in Photo Beta a part of a picture a gradient in a rectangle to get a different color. Then as afphoto file placed in Publisher it doesn't show the the gradient. To be sure of correct use of the tools I exported it as an PNG, and then the gradient is clearly visible. Replacing file is not giving any result. transparency-gradient.afpub
  3. LeoC bugs

    I just started the beta version 111, but this is not working nice. First step was to add an unsharp mask to the picture as live masker. Setting the sliders was one but doing something else was impossible because the sliders fall automatically back to opening position.Then clicking the crop tool let disappear complete history, only after clicking another tool the history is back again. But the settings of the unsharp mask can only be used as last, you have to save the picture directly after this step. In Publisher the mask values looks te be ok, but at double click and opening the Live mask, the sliders are in start position again.
  4. LeoC bugs

    OK thanks, good to know
  5. LeoC bugs

    You are right, I've test it and it seems to work as you describe. I never had this before, is this a new in 111? Can you explain how the "dragging" works because I'm not able to steer this with the mouse, both direction will end far in radius 500. I see different behaviour in different colours but I don't see any logic in this behaviour.
  6. LeoC bugs

    Verden 0-R.afphoto It is a big file, only three steps have been made; rotation, crop and unsharp mask. If you open the file in and activate the unsharp live mask you wil see that radius is 0. To have the result that I had I mind I set it on approx 1,7
  7. I'm trying and testing all available options in Publisher to see if I understand them and how they differ from Indesign. The one I didn't test sofar was <<Edit in Photo>> because it seems to be so logic. But now I test it and I have no idea what it is meant to do. At this stage it has no benefit at all because Publisher closes the document you work in. Let me explain what I did. First I have made corrections on a picture in Photo 1.6 I linked the .afphoto file into a multipage publisher document, but the corrections made in the picture does not fit that page to my taste By using File>Edit in Photo I expect that the picture will be opened in AFPhoto 1.6 to change corrections and after saving the picture it will automatically be replaced in Publisher. But what really happens I don't understand. By using File>Edit Photo the complete spread is opened in AFPhoto 1.7 Beta, (the one you don't want to use). At that moment the document in Publisher is closed and you can't open it because it is in use. If you safe it in Photo 1.7 you probably only save the spread you opened but that is something I can't check because Publisher can't open files from the Beta version. I understand that not all is working well in Beta versions, but can somebody explain what it should do when the bugs have been taken out? Kind regards, LeoC
  8. Yes, you're right. My mistake. No designer is on my wish-list but to test three programs in the same period is too much to handle. I'm testing Photo and Publisher for a couple of weeks now and as you see I'm still struggling with the differences and capabilities.
  9. The menu shows already Edit in Publisher but it is inactive. The reason why I was looking into this option was that I have a need to open the linked file the publisher document. When you double click the picture you have the possibility to enhance the picture in Publisher with the masks which where already used before in Photo. This enhancement is only done in the publisher document and not in the file itself and from that moment on it is an embedded file and you have to mark it as that, otherwise the file will be replaced when document is reopened. This only works with .afphoto files not with .psd, layer masks in .psd are not visible in Publisher. I agree with you that changing the picture in Photo by open it from Photo is the most stable workflow, but I'm really searching for an option that is similar to Indesign/Photoshop which is; activating picture, click on the edit button, picture opens in PS, save after enhancement and linked picture is replaced in Indesign.
  10. Hi Walt, Thanks for you explanation, something learned today, I didn't see the Edit in Publisher before now but for my understanding, is the place/linked file changed and saved when you use Edit in Photo and than return by Edit in Publisher? Or is the made correction a kind of embedded change in the Publisher document? The workflow I've chosen at the moment is to export files from Photo 1.6 and Photo 1.7 Beta as .psd files because that is a format that can be used in all Affinity program/version and gives fall back to the Adobe environment. For me it works, but what I really would like to test is the speed I can develop with Photo 1.7 and Publisher in comparison with Indesign and Photoshop. What I have seen is that the combination Publisher/Photo 1.6 is 25% slower than Adobe Suite, but with Photo 1.7 I can do much better, but the fact that all files have to be exported and the correction and replacing don't run automatically I can't compare it in de way I would like. LeoC
  11. Hi Walt, I found it yesterday, I'm using 1.6 and 1.7 both and I didn't see the extra button which was added. Thanks, Leo
  12. Hi Guzzi, In AP beta 1.7.109 it's working fine in millimeters too. After clicking the crop tool you choose Absolute Size and first you put the units on Millimeters, then you choose DPI and the dimension you like to have. . When that data is put in you can easily create a preset, which you have to choose for each photo again as you already stated. Good luck. LeoC PS. DPI doesn't tell anything about the photo, but only how you wanna use it. For instance MS Word and PowerPoint cuts the quality down to 150dpi, but for quality printing you need at least 300dpi based on the dimension you've chosen
  13. Hallo Gnobelx, Das wirkt nicht auf Mac, nicht im 1.6 und auch nicht im 1.7 Beta. You can easily change units in 1.6 by using you get the information of the picture and a field to choose the units to like to work in In AF Beta 1.7 you have a good working crop tool which gives you the option to set dimensions and dpi. It works exactly the same as in PS, but no option to create preset Just waiting for a good preset option and the workflow will be as fast as PS. That's the only issue I really have with AP it takes really more time to handle a bunch of photo's because you have to resize each photo before you crop the image in the right dimension
  14. I only have understand the main issue, but the details I've missed due to the fact that my German is not that good anymore. I was looking for an answer on how to create presets for cropping. A lot of things don't work as I imaging based on the experience I have with Photoshop. - I was able to create a preset with a custom ratio, the second one I made was not working because it had the same ratio as the first one - It is not possible to remove a preset - the creation of a preset for Absolute Dimensions is not accepted, it has the same ratio as the first preset. What am I doing wrong, I can't find no help function for this, no instruction, nor a tutorial. Reading the forum it is an issue but I have no idea where to find 'Create preset for Cropping'. I'm using AP 1.6 since a week, but I already have an old version because I see version 1.6.5