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  1. Hello! The text ruler on Publisher does not show. I have chosen "Show text ruler" in the View menu and the icon at the top. I have also selected some text. Still no text ruler... I wonder what kind of mistake I am making...
  2. I recently upgraded from the App Store. If you do not see the upgrade button, press cmd and click on 'r' and there you are!
  3. Helge Skogh

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    It seems that I can make something in the 1.7 version of Photo and choose Edit in Designer. In the 1.7 version of Designer, the option Edit in Photo is greyed out... Where is the problem?
  4. I have but one piece of advice: Buy Affinity Designer and export as .eps! It is VERY easy to learn! You will love it! But, you can export to .eps in Photo as well. AND .svg. Also, get the Affinity Publisher beta and you will be a very lucky person.
  5. Helge Skogh

    Spelling in Publisher

    Thanks! This works fine in the active document. But when I make a new document, I have to start all over again. Not good. Helge.
  6. Helge Skogh

    Spelling in Publisher

    Very good suggestion! Helge.
  7. Hello! First I'd like to stress that Publisher is getting fantastic!! Now, my question/proposal... When I start writing in Publisher, the default spelling dictionary seems to be English. Could you make it possible to be able to change default spelling dictionaries so that, for instance, it always starts with Swedish, which is my language? Or German for a German person etc...
  8. Hi there! I just opened a photo in Affinity Photo. After a while I wanted to click File and Edit in Designer. To my surprise, the Edit in Designer option is greyed out. Am I making a mistake? Kind greetings from snowy Stockholm. Helge Skogh.
  9. Hello! When I write text in Swedish, Publisher corrects almost all words as it thinks I try to write in English and that I am not educated enough in the noble art of spelling English words... I know this is a Beta but I need to know this before eventually purchasing the software once it has been released: Will I be able to choose which language I am using when writing? Best wishes and good luck with your weaving! Helge Skogh.