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  1. Thanks for the reply. I guess my confusion was about the integration of Publisher with your other products. So you're saying that things like the Clone tool from Affinity Photo would be available inside Publisher to retouch photos in the context of the page layout? If so, that's very cool.
  2. Can you give examples of what this means in Publisher? If can apply nondestructive Effects and Adjustments to an Image layer why would I want to rasterize it? I'm just getting started with Publisher after 25 years of using QXP and InDesign so this is all new to me.
  3. Word is the standard format for manuscript of long documents. Almost every book in the book store was written and/or edited in Word, then output with InDesign or QuarkXPress. RTF support is a lot better than nothing, but the lack of support for placing Word docs would be a dealbreaker for many folks involved in long doc production. It'd be great if APub could add this soon, along with other long doc essentials like footnotes.
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