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  1. Thank you guys so much. I did find the .dmp file, but my whole computer has been lagging lately so maybe its that as well.
  2. I cant find the crash reporter on my computer at all. Do I have to re download the app?
  3. I dont really know if this helps? The only apps open are Designer, the Task Manager and the Event Manager
  4. I have downloaded the newest version of Affinity designer on my laptop. I dont know if its because my laptop is pretty crappy or if its the app. I did an event check and there is only one error. If anyone could help please respond Asap!
  5. If I centered the square pattern on the screen the space would be green I think
  6. I didn't name him but Poncho seems like a perfect name. He is supposed to be sitting up and leaning against the background though laying down does make more sense
  7. Hi. So I've had Affinity Designer for about a year but have never really tried to expand my art in the digital direction. This will be my first attempt at a vector illustration. Suggestions and feedback welcome! Sloth:
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