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  1. Hi Walt, thanks for your reply. Yes your correct, it wasn't set to UK in the character panel. Must have been because i pasted it from an old PDF. Thanks so much!
  2. Im running the latest version on publisher 1.7.3. Preferences show dictionary as English (United Kingdom) and yet when typing english UK spelling, like the word 'realise' it want to correct it to US spelling 'realize'. My imac system prefs are also set to UK english.
  3. Hi fde101 and thanks for your reply. Yes there is a very slim chance the tips of the crops could been see in print but i've done this before with success. Anyhow, that wasn't the root of my question really it was more to do with controlling the area that the crops actually sit in. I've since noticed that if you turn off the tick box for 'include bleed' but still have 'include crop marks' then the area used by the crop marks reduces a little.
  4. If I set a document to include only crop marks (no other printers marks), is it possible to adjust the space crop marks use? Example: I have an A4 document with 3mm bleed and crop marks selected on PDF output. The space that's allocated for the crop marks is currently 10mm all round. I want to reduce that to 3mm so effectively the crop marks are touching the outer edges of the trim area. I've attached an image to show what I mean.
  5. Hi all, in general i really like affinity but the whole way it handles pictures just confuses me! Despite researching it before i can't find again how you adjust a picture box without distorting the image. Im a very experienced designer of over 30 years having used all of the major software over the years, i build websites and retouch images to a very high level so i'm not a luddite. Yet I feel you've just made the image control just too confusing. Why cant you simply have a frame thats adjustable independently of the image on one tool and adjustment for the image itself on another tool? It's so logical why would you confuse it by having a properties box?? I still can't change the image frame and im pulling my hair out!
  6. I've think I've got clarity on it now. When exporting any PDF preset, click on 'More' next to the 'export' button. The settings here override defaults and control what is RGB or CMYK etc. You can then save your own custom preset with great precision. You can even save as a photoshop file!
  7. I found a top menu under 'window' called 'separate mode'. Not sure if this affects elements or is just a screen preview function?
  8. not sure if this has already been suggest.... Would be very useful to have a right click on image or button in resource manager, that allows you to go to image in finder without cutting and pasting image reference. I use this all the time on indesign.
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