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Applying a soft blurring to the cuts outlines

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Hi friends,

I have been "playing around " with the Affinity Photo Beta and using my own Photoshop knowledging for doing some compositions. I use to apply a blurring effect (Photoshop addict)  on the selected cuts of the layers, or previously selected objects, and for that I usually use the action of, select-contract-inverse-blurr, but I cannot do it in the Affinity modes. Or do not how to do it. Made some trials but with not effect. When I try to blur the contracted selection, then, inverting the selection again, the blurring does affect the whole layer, and not just the selected object.  I may be doing something wrong..I cannot guess...really.


By the way, I must say that I feel really easy going with the Beta, and waiting so much for its release. I wish to know wether this beta has an expiring date ,and if in that case I could apply for downloading again another item...or rather waiting for the new updating of the same one. I had just bought and Designer and I am really entralled by its way of working. Had some "laziness" with Illustrator.

Thanks a lot. I do now wish to tire you out with many questions, now.


You are great and really helpfull.


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Hi Rosa,

You have to expand the layer in the Layers panel (using the small arrow on the left of the layer's thumbnail) and select the object you want to apply the blur to, otherwise the blur will be applied to all objects contained in the layer.


So expand the layer,  press ⌘ (cmd) and click on the object's thumbnail (not the layer's thumbnail) to automatically select it, then go to menu Select ▹ Grow / Shrink... and apply the value you want (a negative value in this case to contract the selection). Finally go to menu Select ▹ Invert Pixel Selection (or press ⇧ (shift) + ⌘ (cmd) + I) and apply the Blur as you usually do. It should only affect the object selected in the Layers panel.


Let me know if you still have trouble.

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I should love to give good news.

Did as you indicated and when I apply the blurring, it does affect to thr whole object and not the outlines. Inversion done, of course.

Could I do something wrong?


Donwloaded the new Qffinity Photo beta and to my surprise each tine I open one of the trials that Inhad teone with the forme beta, it opens in Affinity

designer This happening if I do click the work from my dashboard file...does not happen if I open the file from the application,


Thank you so much, in advance.


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Hi rosa

Can you post (or PM me a link to) the file you are working on?

I need to know if the layer you want to apply the blur is filling the whole document area or if it's just an object or part of the image (a copy of a selection for example) in an empty layer.

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Thank you so for you quick answer.


I am sorry but I have disregarded the compon I was working into, as I noticed that the selection of the object had been badly done, I think that, it was a an object that had been previously selected from a picture, and that it had been placed in. a new layer, in an automatic way, As I wish to do a second trying with this compo, I will check out what you are mentioning, respecting to the object, the layers and all that, just to br sure about the procedures.


I will keep in touch if I am in trouble again.


thanks you so much.


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Hi meb.

I have started from scratch the compo I was working in.


the selection done with the pen tool....for me the brst way in this case. And the object, in fact is in a new layer with transparent background. I have tried to follow the shrink invert selection and adding blurr and it happens the same thing The blurring does affect he whole object and not only on the outside,

I would love to post in order to oyou being able to check my work into this thread but I do not know how to do it, I have seen that other people do show the whole thinng from thir computer.


At last:..what I did, was to copy the object and apply th blurring to the layer underneath, and so, in this case, it is showing in the layer placed on. but I do not think this should happen, so...it is now a solution..not the right onefor the working flow,


By the way I have downloaded th very last Affinity beta. Obliged to....and for th first time, been able to do it without others help. Sometimes these tings are quite intimidating for me.

Thanks a lot for your attention, Hope not tor bothersome for you guys..knowing how much work of moderating you have to do daily,


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Sorry MEB.

I am not able to obtain any good result following your instructions. When I have my selected object and get to end of it, the whole one is blurrred instead of the outline. Besides I have found that it is extrremely difficult to manage the shriking tool. And that if I write  the figure I wish to do it typing it, nothing happens.


I hope that this will be mended in a while, for I am really interested in purchasing the tool, but as I have been working for years with this action in my Photoshop compositions, it is somehow disappointing. Read that you have deleted the feathering tool of the "perfectioning selection tool" in the last be AP update. So I am not been able to test that either. Is it going to be rejected in the final one..or aqre you looking for something better?

Please...what kind of image would you need for cheking it out? Is is a jpej or so, and what size would I post?

Thank you so very much.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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