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Matteo Borghi

Affinity Photo iPad: weird artifacts when hitting "Develop"

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I recently noted that when I import some (not all) RAW photos and hit the "Develop" button, some weird artifacts have occurred and are very noticeable even after the export at max quality.

If I do the exact same process on AP on Mac, the export is perfectly clean and without any weird colours or artifacts.

I’ve attached an example of photo that looks good when in AP and changes when exported to JPG.

On the right side of the screenshot, there is the exported picture opened on the floating window of Apple Photo.

The photo was shot with a Nikon D7000.

Thanks for your help!


EDIT: after re-installing the app on the iPad it seems to work perfectly and no noise or artifacts can be spotted on the same RAW files I was testing. What's the reason for this? :35_thinking:


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Hi Matteo Borghi :)

Could you please provide a sample RAW file for me to test this here? I'm glad to hear a reinstall has seemingly resolved this issue for you, but I'll need a RAW file to investigate further and try to narrow down a possible cause of this.

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