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I'm trying to select a brush with Erase Tool turned on. but when I select a brush at the Brush Panel.. it's selecting Paint Brush Tool automatically, I know there is this Icon like this image as example, but how can I get rid of this? in this video I can demonstrate this issue, because some others brushes with this Brush Icon works with Erase Tool selected,

please help me... I just want to Erase with the same Brush that I paint :(


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Hi Jhonatan S Silva,

In Photo you can set a brush to be associated with a tool (which is what the icon indicates), however in Designer this is not possible, so should not be switching the tool. I've passed that on to development to be fixed.

In the meantime if you first choose your brush and then switch to the Eraser tool you'll be able to use that brush to erase! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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