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first, anything I ever said that was negative about the Affinity products ... I absolutely rescind - as of June 2019, this is the best software available. period. 

Problem is: having the iPad Air 2, wanting Designer for iPad, and a pen that will work with it. 

Designer for iPad works fluidly. I got a Wackum (i know, it's on purpose) Bamboo Sketch Pen,  the pen does work with the tablet, However: it is not designed to pair with the tablet, but with the software. yes, the software is required to support the Wackum pen functionality. This means that only a few programs will function fully with the pen. On their site is a rather short list of programs that are compatible with the full functionality of the Bamboo Sketch Pen. 

Please, is it possible to add this compatibility to Affinity Photo & Designer for iPad / iPad Air?   ( iPad Pro is out of my $$ zone, & Apple pencil has restrictions beyond price) ...  

Thanks to the Affinity team for developing  the current products 

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You can also use any of the capacitive style pens with your air2. There are some reasonable models available that are inexpensive. I,d suggest Adonit, however if price is a concern, Alfred (another regular here) uses a 'knockoff' that is apparently very good. Hopefully he will be along with the name of his stylus.

M1 IPad Air 10.9/256GB   lpadOS 17.1.1 Apple Pencil (2nd gen).
Affinity Photo 1.10.5 Affinity Design 1.10.5 
Affinity Publisher 2, Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2 and betas.

Official Online iPad Help documents (multi-lingual) here: https://affinity.https://affinity.help/ 


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I actually have the Bamboo because of wackums advert, "these programs and other popular..."   I presumed, hoped that Affinity was among the supported programs. 

the thing about the Bamboo is that it requires the software to have built in a "select a pen" feature, this allows the Bluetooth to function through the software and the Pressure Sensitivity and the two buttons then can be used.   

it does work in Sketch / this means that Serif would need to program "Pens" into the Preferences on the iPad versions of the programs. 

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I returned the Bambo Pen, just too much trouble, even with other programs like Procreate.  

I see that the Apple Pen requires iPad Air 3 or Pro,  so I am back to looking for a pen that will allow pressure and used for sketching / drawing.   

I wonder if Alfred would chime in with what he has found ? 


thanks for any help, 


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