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I have huge 500cm x 300cm sized file. It is to be printed and placed as a wall advertise. The afphoto file has 96dpi and color mode is CMYK/8bit. When exporting to pdf I get this akward lines. The lines are not there when viewed 100% but in all other zoom levels they are.


Will these line be printed? Why are these lines rendered in thumbnail images and further zoom levels?


EDIT: I looked closer in to the PDF file and it seems as the AP splits this big image into multiple layers. Is there a way to remove this effect?



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The lines you can see are a rendering artefact caused by the method of antialiasing we (and just about every other renderer) use - it's there in most software, but some have little tricks to try to hide it, but it never really goes away... It's where two edges exactly match you'll see a slight transparent area. It will only ever be up to 1 pixel wide. When you output to your printer you shouldn't see this artefact... but I would strongly advise you to do a test run (even try to output the file to A4 size and print it on a normal printer first just to check)... The tiles are produced because they would be so large to draw if we just used the whole image size that we split it up in order to avoid you running out of memory, so that you can output as large as you like (within the specs of the export target format, obviously)

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