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I am working on a project right now and I have created a document in size of 22*28 inches. However, in order to print it, I will need to print it on 8.5*11 inch paper. I have made guides that divide the document across exactly where I need to print each individual sheet, and I am pasting it onto a poster so I do not need to worry about overlap. Can someone please help me figure out how to create the individual sections?


I have a picture of my document here: https://goo.gl/photos/z2eijf8dB8w1WMbW8


Thank you for all your help!

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Hi spartacusInd,


and welcome here :)  … I would go to Export Persona, create individual slices and export them as PDF files for example … please have a look at my video (unfortunately I use the German OS, but you will get the idea). Hope that helps. Additional information about using the Export Persona can be found at Help > Affinity Designer Help > Exporting > Exporting using Export Persona.



Alex  :)


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I found an app in the APP store which does tiling with no fuss.. Look up SPLIT PRINT.. $6 and was extremely easy.  I printed a 36.5" x 28.5" document using the app and it took about 5 seconds from opening to hitting print.  

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