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Affinity Designer for iPad - 1.7.1


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We are pleased to announce a major update for the iPad release of Affinity Designer, version 1.7.1

Changes in this build

The changes in Affinity Designer for iPad 1.7.1 over the recent release Affinity Designer 1.7.0 are as follows:

  • Support for multi-page Affinity Publisher documents
  • Large improvements to Apple Pencil initial drag responsiveness
  • Improvements to Apple Pencil 2 double-tap functionality
  • Fix for pinch to dismiss application causing the app to become unresponsive when the user reactivates the application
  • Fix for inability to add additional nodes to the selection in the Node Tool
  • Fix for Node Tool showing the loupe when not necessary
  • Fixed sporadic crash with HSL range control
  • Removed limits to shadows highlights effects
  • Avoid over saturated shadows and washed out highlights
  • New curve for highlights filter applied to bounded pixel formats
  • Remap shadows and highlights slider ranges 
  • Fix for incorrect ALT(Option) + drag cloning functionality in Move Tool
  • Fix for export dialog crashes and permissions prompt
  • Change default stroke miter limit to be 2.0
  • Improved brush performance on larger documents
  • Fix for Metal issues on some Intel GPUs and older operating systems

Changes in 1.7.x since 1.6.4

The changes in Affinity Designer for iPad 1.7.0 over the last Affinity Designer patch 1.6.4 are as follows:

  • Shortcut modifiers added when keyboard is attached (See Here)
  • Arrowheads!
  • Node tool now has transform mode for more freeform editing of nodes
  • Node tool now allows for lasso selection of nodes
  • Alignment widgets have been added for much faster alignment operations
  • All new isometric controls - allowing you to create and edit directly in any isometric plane
  • Add multiple strokes and fills to a single shape with the new Appearance Studio
  • New point transform tool, allowing you to scale and rotate objects from any node
  • Many grid improvements, and new column guides
  • Many PSD import / export improvements
  • Layers Studio now includes options for transparent backgrounds and colour tagging.
  • Pixel persona now supports Sub Brushes, symmetry (up to 32-way) and on-the-fly nozzle rotation
  • Alternate futures for document history have been added
  • 100s of other bug fixes and improvements - too many to list!

This thread is for commenting on this announcement. Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Designer Bugs on iPad section and questions about usage go in the iPad Questions forum.

UPDATING TO THIS VERSION (Free for existing customers)

For updates from the iPad Store are done automatically (next time you run after it is available in the store). You need to be logged in as the same user who bought the application. Open iPad store, go to Updates. Once you're there, from the top bar choose Store and on the drop-down click Refresh. It worked for me - both updates appeared instantly. If they don't there's no point asking us we cannot make it appear quicker. Apple sometimes phase roll outs around the world sometimes taking up to 24 hours.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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