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I have read a lot of comments about Linux support, not all of them but a lot.

I'm interested in what affinity staff think about Valves Proton and Steam as a distribution platform...

Would working with the Proton team to get a version working on Linux still be out of the question? I mean, I'm sure most of the work would be with them, bundle it into Flatpak for Linux so it works on all of the different distros and use Steam for distribution of the software.

Make it more expensive if you like, I wouldn't mind.

I'm interested in your views on this as the risk in so minimal now, why wouldn't you?

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The issuse with using proton/wine is that your not gonna be getting the full performce. If they was gonna to do it, I would hope they would do it properly instead of skipping steps which will no doubt result in lower performce. If they was to use flatpak or any other, I dont think that alot of people would care like myself becuase 2 postives happens 1. I'm moving away from adobe 2. I'm moving away from windows but thats my 2 sense :12_slight_smile:

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