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Export and printing results in affinity designer freezing

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Since updating to version 1.7.0 I am having difficulty printing my projects.

I use a Mac running High Sierra and when I try to print a document I get the dreaded rotating ball. Checking on Activity Monitor the program is shown as not responding. I then have to force quit the program. I tried to export the document as a JPEG, PNG or PDF in the hope that I could print it out using a different program but I get the dialogue boxes but pressing save empties the dialogue box and the program freezes again. The files are not send to Desktop. I can save the document, prior to exporting. My computer is communicating with my printer as I can use it  with other programs. I tried using Affinity Photo and was able to open the saved document but I was unable to print or export from this program also.

Any help please


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As you're having an issue exporting as well, I would first try resetting the app. Hold down the CTRL key and open the app, when the window appears, release the key and click the Clear button. Once the app is open, try exporting via File > Export and select a file format and choose your Desktop to save the file to. also try printing again. If you still experience issues I would uninstall the app from your system, then do a reboot and download again from the App Store. I would also check to see if you are using the latest print drivers available.

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