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saturate by dodge and burn blend modes


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Dodge and burn blend modes are one of the 8 blend modes that you change the amount of color through the FILL opacity and not the general opacity . For this effect I use an HSL adjustment and just modify the value of the FILL slider since general opacity does not really work for this blend mode.  When you leave the FILL at 100% then the effect uses only 8 colours. As you reduce the slider you add more and more colours and you also restrict the effect to the midtones and shadows, As you decrease the slider to about 15% you are then affecting only the shadows.  The dodge blend mode works the same way.  The difference from the burn blend mode  is as you reduce the FILL slider on an adjustment layer such as HSL you restrict the effect to more and more of the brights, SO with the FILL slider set to 15%  you are targeting the brights.  Set the fill sliders to taste as each photo is different.  The effect is not as pronounced as saturate by subtract blend mode which I have submitted earlier but have included here below as well in case you missed it. n here is a link to that discussion:  


I have generated a macro that does this, set the FILL level to what looks right for you . Import them from the macro NOT the library, they single macro

cute cat pre dodge&burn.jpg

after dodge & burn.jpg

color burn: dodge to saturate.afmacro

saturate w subtract blend mode.afmacro

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