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I upgraded to 1.7.0 yesterday and discovered today that all my plugins are gone. Mainly it was the NIK collection that I use.  This happened with the last upgrade but at least i could see the items ghosted in the list but now the plugins menu doesn't open at all, its completely empty. Somehow I got them back the last time but this time I tried and nothing happens. I know the Google free version is still available. I went to DXO and followed their instructions to get the collection back but do not see the set appearing anywhere within the Affinity app.  What to do?

I think it would be appreciated that you provide a warning everytime there's a new upgrade that certain plugins, possible presets too, could be lost.  I would have avoided the upgrade so that I could finish my work project without delays. Hopefully I can get back on track. 

I have been with Affinity since the beginning; a joy to work with, so clear and simple.

I hope things can be smoother in the future when it's time for another new and improved version, without unexpected complications and headaches.





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Hi creative guy,

Welcome to the forums :)

My apologies that your Plugins have stopped working, one of our developers Andy Somerfield has commented on this on the below Twitter thread -

Unfortunately since we've updated to xCode 10 we now require the plugin makers to update their codebase also to allow for future compatibility.

My sincerest apologies for this, could you please confirm, did you purchase Affinity through the Mac App Store, or directly from ourselves? If you have installed the .dmg directly from us and not purchased the app from the Mac App Store you can rollback to any 1.6 version that you wish.

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