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Implementation of Gradients

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Just a question for my information that is not based on a special product but more on the used algorithms:

When you have a gradient with a mid point how did you implement the situation when you completely shift the midpoint to one extreme (0% or 100%). Do you say mid point is always the 50% (color/opacity) of the two side values? And what does happen, when this mid point (assumed it's a 50% point) is the same as the 100% point? Since mathematical-wise this would be an undefined situation it's up to your interpretation. Example: You have a gradient from 100% White to 100% Blue. A linear midpoint will be in the middle between those values giving you a 50% Blue. Shifting the 50% Blue midpoint now to the very end of 100% what will the gradient be like? Linear between White and 50% Blue (What I would have guessed but it seems to be implemented differently) or still some kind of curve still reaching 100% at the end (what logicalwise would be incorrect but a lot closer to your implementation).

Just curious .... because it didn't work the way I expected it ...

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