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Full screen toggle cut off by rounded edge of iPad Pro 2018

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Looks like 1.7 reduced the size of the toolbars. On the iPad Pro 2018 the toggle icon gets slightly cut off by the rounded corner of the display. 

I’m seeing this in both designer and photo, on a 12.9in iPad pro.


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I have a similar problem with the help icon and can only activate the tool tips for a second at a time at best as there isn't enough touch sensitive area of the screen to properly register the press for more than a moment. I also can't property select any tools without guessing or using the pencil. It's simply too small for a medium sized index finger.


I've raised this again as a question today. Hoping someone will answer and give us an option to set larger icons if we don't have tiny hands? Previous version with larger icons I could select icons with my finger but now have to very carefully use the pen. It's silly to have such small selections on the largest ipad and workflow is impacted as a result. Please help guys!

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