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Publishing informations about .afphoto and .afdesign formats

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3 hours ago, Ben said:

I want to hold PSD up as a very unique case.  Firstly, it's a native format that was documented due to legal pressure.  They then (craftily) only documented the main structure but omitted descriptions for some parts or the required logic for creating what Photoshop would consider a "correctly formed" file.  You can create a file according to all the information available in the file format description document, but Photoshop will still reject it.  It is also one of the few editable formats that is documented in any way. ...

Well Adobe internally probably knows why they tread PSD like that and for sure didn't specified everything here, maybe just to have still an advantage over the competition and so to be sure no third party can work in the same way, or even better around with that. Or another point might be, since their PSD file format has evolved over many years, a lot of things have been added here and there and so it's complexity rised and thus got more confusing. - However, it's not a common file exchange format per se and thus more used by many people due to the overall PS dominance on the market, similar here as Ai and INDD etc. file formats are due to their corresponding associated apps.

But the PSD file format isn't the main theme here, that was just choosen as one of many possible examples. Instead the theme started by the OP is more, to have a possible support possibility in/via third party apps for the Affinity file format or the Affinity apps themself then. And since you explained previously that it isn't just a matter to specify and document the file format itself (since there are also a bunch of other internal app logics involved in how to write things out into this format then), the question is then more if there will be in future some supporting programmers API for such tasks (?). - Note however that I personally distinguish here between scripting capabilities and a developers API, since that is by far not quite the same for me.

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