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  1. Oh okay, I thought it was just something on the roadmap that would happen maybe someday
  2. Yeah, we would need an API, but if Serif doesn't want to create/develop/expose it, the community would need to know the file format's specifications if it wanted to create a library. However, we're getting kinda off-topic here and we're running in circles anyway.
  3. If it directly inside the app, you're right, it doesn't need to, but if it's external, you will need to know the file format to be able to manipulate it
  4. Sorry for the late response, was at work. So, @Ben, to answer your question, I'd like to create an app that can create .afdesign files based on source code (for now HTML and CSS, but I planned on adding other languages later). And yes, as @R C-R pointed out, a sort of scripting language inside the affinity apps, if developed by the community, would require a "standard" file format (unlike now, as I understand). Thanks anyway, bye
  5. Okay, well, guess I'll just abandon this project, or maybe try an open format instead... Thanks for the link to the post @stokerg and thanks for the answers Have a good day, bye
  6. Hello ! Quite a few times, I find myself in a situation where being able to handle/modify .afdesign and .afphoto programmatically would have been really handy. However, after a couple of google searches, I couldn't find any information about those formats. I've tried to decompile the AD and AP apps using decompiler such as dotPeek and dnSpy, but didn't make any progress. Analyzing the files with binwalk or strings was of no help either. Now, I'd like to develop a tool that would generate .afdesign files based on user input, and it is impossible to do without even any basic information about this format. Anyway, as you've probably guessed, I'm posting here to ask if we could get some information about the files formats. I know writing documentation for a piece of software instead of working on new features or patching bugs can be really boring and time-consuming, so I'm not asking you for a full-blown documentation, but at least a sufficient level of information to work with those files programmatically and maybe being able to create/modify them, that may include the different memory sections/segments, how shapes/colours/palettes/text/filters/effects/references are stored, etc... I know it's probably not gonna happen, because it's too time-consuming or costs too much, but I sincerely hope that it will be a resource soon available to the community. Thanks for reading, waiting for your reply.

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