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Right click to adjust width

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Could you add right click support for adjusting the width of various tools on Windows fx the brush? It is an easy to remember and easy to access method I use it in Capture One Pro all the time. Right clicking in C1 activates a dialog box with a preview of the brush size as you move the sliders. Right click is not used at all i AP and the "press ALT + LMB + RMB and drag horizontally to change brush size and vertically to change brush hardness" shortcut is hard to find by chance.

Another slightly related thread:


4. In order to validate value, release early and often
As I always share in my Professional Scrum Product Owner Trainings when we talk about Value, there is one thing that you as a Product Owner must remember: "You have to release a Product to customers/users, in order to find out if you have delivered value for them!". Unfortunately, I encounter a lot of Product Owners in daily practice, who think that 'working on the Product for just a couple more Sprints' will create a Product that customers/users will certainly love. Often, this results in a lot of disappointments... So, start validating value, by releasing to your customers and users early and often!


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