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Areas outside the artboard are being saved in the exported image

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Hello,  I'm trying to create a seamless repeat pattern in Affinity iPad version, but every time I do, there is a small offset issue because the exported image is saving information that is outside the artboard.  Is there a way to save the image without getting the areas just outside the artboard?

Here is a video showing the process I'm using: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGsnRoMxeuU

For example if you:

1) create a 10 x 10 inch document

2) create a polygon and place it on the left edge of the canvas

3) move it to the right exactly 10 inches using the transform tool

4) save the image as a png or jpg

5) bring the image into affinity to repeat it

then the image doesn't match up.  I attached an image as an example so you can see the matchup issue where the two images meet.  If anyone knows of a way to not save what is outside the artboard, or a better way to make a repeat in Affinity, I would love to know!  Thank you!




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Hi lizkohlerbrown and Welcome to the Forums,

Could you attach the .afdesign file for this i'll see what the issue could be.  I just a did a quick test and my exports matched up fine

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