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  1. She created a new file and didn't have the issue, so it must have been something weird with that file. Thanks for your help! ~Liz
  2. Hi Alfred, we both have the same iPads and operating system: iPad Pro 12.9” Second Generation, software version 13.3.1. There are no other apps running at the same time.
  3. Hi everyone, I teach classes on Affinity and one of my students sent me this screen recording. When I use these same brushes on my iPad, each brush has a texture. When she uses them in this recording, some have a texture while others are just a typical monoline. Does anyone know why she is seeing this issue? I can't seem to replicate it on my iPad, so I don't know what to tell/ask her! Thanks for your help. ~Liz large.MOV
  4. Hi Gabe, Here is a document where I put four .png versions of the repeat block beside each other. Beside the blue line showing the squares, there is a semi transparent line. You have to zoom into the pixel level to see it, but it is enough to show up on prints. What file type did you use in your screenshot example? Maybe that is the type I need to use? Also when you go to file-> Export, are you adjusting any of the settings on that page? I've always used the defaults but maybe I'm missing something on that page. Untitled.afdesign
  5. Hi Gabe, Yes the first post image shows how you can see the line. The line is only visible after you export the file. It doesn't exist on the original repeat block. So first, export the repeat block (any flattened file type like png, jpg, pdf, etc.) then open a new document and place the exported repeat block file on the canvas. Then duplicate that block so that the two repeat blocks are beside each other (this is how a seamless repeat is put together on fabric, wallpaper, etc.). There will be a fine semi-transparent line between the two blocks. So if you uploaded this repeat block (regardless of the file type) to a site like Spoonflower, Society6, etc or sent it to a client who requested a flattened image, it wouldn't print correctly because there is a line between the repeat blocks.
  6. Thank you Alfred! Got it. chiang mai 1 Copy Copy.afdesign
  7. Hi Walt, I’m not seeing that option on the iPad app.
  8. Hmm I’m not seeing that as an option on the export page. When I go to the Export Persona and save it from there, it saves as a .png. I must be missing a step here?
  9. Sure, I attached an svg. Let me know if you need a different file type. chiang_mai_1_copy.svg
  10. Hi Gabe, I always do 2000 x 2000 pixels for dimensions and 0, 0 for position, but still get the pixel line on that object, which is the background square for the pattern. The line also occurs on the objects that are on the edge of the canvas though, and those go totally off the canvas and still get a pixel line at the art board borders when I export it. So it’s like the art board border is creating the line on objects.
  11. Hello, I'm creating seamless repeat patterns in Affinity Designer and I've noticed that when I export the pattern square from Affinity to any other program, there is a 1 pixel wide semi-transparent line around the repeat square. I've tried all file types, and still see the line each time. When you put the two pattern blocks beside each other to create a repeat pattern, there is a light colored line between them. You can see what I mean in the attached screenshot. You can easily re-create this issue by creating a square artboard, putting a rectangle on it that is the exact size of the artboard, then export the file to any other program and zoom in to the edge of the file. The same thing happens if you open the file in Affinity too (see screenshot that shows the fine white line in between pattern blocks). Has anyone found a workaround for this? Thanks for your help!
  12. p.s. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd Gen 12.3.1 software. I just tried exporting an asset category with only 3 simple assets and that crashed the app too.
  13. Hi everyone, I created an asset category containing 33 vector assets, and every time I press Export Category, the app crashes. I've exported big groups of assets before the last update with no problem. Does anyone know a fix for this? I need to have the vectors as assets to offer them as a download for my students, but it doesn't seem possible anymore. Thanks for any help you can offer! Liz
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