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Serialised Data Import

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When you work with teams, it's now increasingly through cloud services. In addition to the already suggested Markdown, an option to map JSON data to text styles and tables would be a welcome addition that'd save us from round-tripping through parsers. A pulled update would just require a refresh in Publisher. It'd be quite helpful for magazine workflows (i.e. manage each issue's articles in a database, then export for layout), data-based brochures (e.g. annual reports) and similar often tedious tasks. 

Adobe is selling you some behemoth apps that don't work right to get the editorial workflow managed but they're so great that that people who should be using them keep using other apps and copy/paste into the Adobe apps, creating a mess for versioning.

Quark has Quark Author which is quite overwhelming and not exactly enjoyable to use.

Having a way to IDGAF import serialised data would open it up wide for a variety of use cases. Write together in Jira, Cockpit or custom tools (that the users already know and are comfortable in), export sections to JSON and have that work right away in Publisher would be a great advantage. It's a rather clean format for structured data and easy to manually fix should an exporter have the hiccups. 

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